Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yap yap yap

Apparently Uno's new thing is talking.. CONSTANTLY. Needs to be the center of attention at all times.

We went to the show this AM to watch all the cardis show! It was a good time. Uno was SO talkative. I was a bit embarrassed by his behavior b/c this was something NEW? He didn't do this last time. Thanks Uno.

Can't wait to get in the ring! I think it will be a blast :) I definitely want to do the thanksgiving cluster shows in Springfield.. and there's another show in December that's in Rhode Island that I'd like to do as well. We'll seeeeeee. Bark.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Show bug

Maybe I caught the bug when I was younger but all I know is that I am addicted to showing (and learning).

Now that I'm not showing horses much anymore... I've turned back to the world of dogs and am learning to show in the breed ring. I'd like to eventually get involved with agility in the future as well as rally obedience. I think it'd be fun! As long as I can compete in something? That'll do!

Cooper, I plan on taking to obedience classes and agility classes in the near future. He's such a sweet heart and I think that Chuck will have a blast working with him too.

Uno is my project. I got him last year after US Nationals with the intent to have him shown... life got in the way and we have yet to make our debut in the ring. HOWEVER, we do have plans to make our debut at the Thanksgiving cluster shows in West Springfield the week before Thanksgiving. Can't wait! I hope to learn as much as possible in handling class and from Sarah (his breeder) and others before we show. Here's to a good time!

Tomorrow we're meeting up with his breeder at the show to talk about our plans for Uno etc. Yay! I'm so excited.

Our current mission is to conquer the table and become completely comfortable on it. Uno that is... not me.

Today I took a trip over to the eastern states expo to watch the show. I saw some beautiful Cardis! And some beautiful Siberian Huskies. Can't wait until tomorrow.

There is my boy.. We're new to this all.. Chuck captured this shot yesterday AM. Uno dog is 15 months old.