Sunday, November 29, 2009

Question about Blowers? What to get?

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had a great time!

Black friday was hectic considering we live right near the Holyoke Mall. People are pretty crazy!

We have a show coming up next weekend in Providence RI. Still have to book our hotel room for Fri & Sat evening. Can't wait to do it all again! It was so fun last week :)

Quick question for everybody! Since Christmas is near by, I'm trying to figure out what is the best kind of blower to get?? I've never had one before which is why I'm seeking advice so I don't end up with a crummy one that will break a little ways down the road. I was hoping that perhaps this could be my gift from my mom.

Dog news aside, I got a msg from the trainer at the barn that I have Profit at with wonderful news. A little 7 yr old girl is interested in leasing Profit for next show season :) I am so happy about this b/c this is the girl that I originally had in mind that I wanted to lease him out to if she and her family ever decided they wanted to lease a horse. She does walk, trot, canter but would be competing in the walk trot division here locally.. possibly regionals next year too depending on how they do. I really hope this works out b/c it would be so cute to see Profit truck her around the ring. He's been there, done that and now I think its time for him to show a little kid how it's done :) Fingers crossed this lease goes through b/c I will be one proud momma of my boy!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

And Chuck thought he could sleep in on Turkey day??





Little did he know.. CORGIS make great alarm clocks!!
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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

HAD to share this

You guys don't really know me but I find this to be absolutely hillarious. i am also obsessed with hamsters which is also why I find this to be so funny.

Enjoy :)

And........ after seeing Holly's Element ... I really dig it. Chuck really wants me to go test drive one. So we may do that sometime. IF I were to get one I'd love a lime green one.. or the burnt orange!? aha!

Okay that is all.

What the blarf!?

End quote. That is something I can literally see Uno saying.. IF he could speak our language of course.

This AM when getting ready for school I was making lunch. This rarely happens b/c Chuck usually cooks for me :) BUT this week he is in Ithaca/Lansing.. Hunting Bambis.. and bringing me home some sweet delicious Finger Lakes Wine ;D

So Anyways... I proceeded to put the marinated chicken breast in the rotisserrie.. It seemed to come out okay.. Until I tried to reheat it for Lunch today. IT SUCKED. Looks like the dogs have some treats for them while I'm stuck eating ezekiel bread and egg whites :( boring. CHuck needs to come home asap so I can eat real foods again.. and not plain jane body building bland food. Not that i mind.. but I would like to eat something yummy... hmmph.

Coop & Uno are outside playing in the yard... and feasting on what is left of the pears from the tree.

I really really would like to bring them to a herding lesson some time as I think that they'd both have a blast! I REALLY think Coop would be awesome! Uno... him too but he's one of those dogs that thinks he was bred to be pretty and doesn't do much that involves getting dirty.. or do much labor. He is after all... Denny Crane.. in Cardi form. Anywho maybe this Sunday we can go visit Julie at her Herding lesson. That would be fun :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!! But for now.. I must get to cleaning more before Charles gets home... it looks like the cardis have taken over. I'll just blame them ;)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We're back

We had a great time at the show this weekend!

I was so proud of Uno b/c he was so well behaved! Minus his vocalness... haha. We met a ton of cardi people and it was awesome! I got a lot of complements on Uno which makes me really excited as well as really happy :)

He got his first ribbon ever! A 3rd in the 12-18mos dog. class on Saturday. And then sunday he got a fourth! I'm hoping that as time progresses he will be a little bit LESS bouncy ;) but that's just Uno. Perhaps some rollerblading in the early morning prior to the class would be a good idea for him.

I know what we have to work on before our next show (Providence, RI on Dec 4th & 5th).

I want to thank everyone who came to support us! Friends and family and new acquaintances!

You guys are awesome and I look forward to meeting more Cardi folk and learning more about this wonderful awesome breed !!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pre show ramblings

Went to watch the cardis show this AM @ the Thanksgiving Cluster. Met up with Holly and watched her show Magnet and Star! I also got to meet Julie! Congrats Holly!

After the cardis showed we walked around and shopped a bit. I got a new slip lead earlier in the AM and then some stuff for grooming :)

Can't wait for tomorrow even if I'm a bit nervous b/c it'll be our first time out!

I gave Uno a bath this afternoon.. safe to say, he has a coat. He is a poof! But he was soo good to bathe, blow dry and groom ;) I'm hoping for Christmas this year I get a blower ;) hint hint Chuck Hint hint......

We are meeting up with Sarah (uno's breeder) tonight too.

So we're on at 8am tomorrow for the Sweepstakes class then the regular class is at 9! Wish us luck :) Going to do our very bestest and see what the judge thinks of Uno dog.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Kind of feel bad

Chuck and I went to the mall today for a quick bite to eat after the gym.. and of course as usual we wander over to the pet store. I always visit the bunnies and the hamsters and then we look at the pups just for fun. I always feel so bad for the pups there b/c they are confined to such a tiny space. Unfortunately, there was a Pemmie there who has been there for a few wks now.. and they've dropped the price. Chuck asked them if we could play with him and they instantly told us he was a nibbler. Well gee, most puppies ARE?! We played with the lil man for a while and he was such a sweetheart. I don't by any means want to promote petshop pups as I know they're usually from puppy mills.. but I really do hope that this sweet little guy finds a good home.

Chuck has agreed to let me have 4 Corgis in total (plus or minus a Sibe in there! that i'd like to rescue).. and I"m so happy about that.. puppies are so fun.. but such a pain in the bum at the same time! Can't wait for that time again when we can get another ;) I'm hoping for a nice female for our next acquisition.

Corgi Mania in NH

Yesterday was a great time at the Kingston State Park in Kingston, NH. There were approximately 20 corgis? and 2 bassets! What was cool was we weren't the only cardis there! Met 3? or so other Cardis! Uno and Cooper seemed to stick with them for the most part. Uno then thought he was in love with a fem. pemmie. She wanted nothing to do with him of course! Oh Unrequited love! hahaha

Cooper took advantage of the lake at the park and went swimming! Uno went with him as well!

It was great to let all the Corgis frolic together! (And this was Chuck's first time seeing a large amount of Corgis.. all at once!)

Tomorrow is our handling class.. I'm hoping to get some good feedback from our trainer and some tips for the show this coming weekend! Theres tons of cardis!! So nervous but yet so excited!

Go Uno Go!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A quick blogging

Quick blogging before we're off to dinner.

Chuck recently purchased a nice black 05' tahoe. His mom took the words right out of my mouth. "Oh this would be PERFECT for dog shows!!!" Little does Chuck know.. that is exactly what I plan on doing... grand thefting his truck for dog shows. hehehe I call it the Corgi Mobile. (he just isn't aware of this yet). Uno and Cooper both claim it already and love it.

Not that there's anything wrong with my ridgeline.. but the tahoe would just work better.. for shows and such!

Today I had a great time chatting with Holly. I learned some neat stuff about the Merle gene and genetics also! Thanks for your time :)

Tomorrow we're off to NYC to watch my best friend compete at Worlds for her figure competition.. and then Sunday is the Corgi meet in Kingston, NH! WOoo!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

exciting news

Chuck has agreed to let me have 4 dogs. What does that mean?! It means I can get another cardi in the future and for the other available spot I'd like to adopt a Siberian. I miss having them around and I really want to do for one of these dogs, what somebody did for one of mine when I had to rehome them when I was younger. I miss him every day and have tried to track him down.. but no luck. My aunt said that last she heard though, he was doing well.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

the T

Today we learned the T in handling class... And it was a success!!

Showing next weekend!! Ahhh can't wait!

The new malamute pup in the class is to die for.

Chuck came to watch us today and I hintedddddddddd. Don't think he caught on as he tried to pawn off Uno to our trainer. I think he'd get trampled by all her St. Bernards.

Things are going well! Getting better on the table =)

Chuck played photographer again this weekend and got this shot of him.

Monday, November 2, 2009


It's been a while since I last posted... we've been doing well though! Practicing with the table and setting up on the ground. Uno has been doing great! Just still have to get him to be more confident with himself on the table. I think part of it has to do with me b/c I am nervous about screwing something up.. which usually leads to me actually screwing up by.. ie. forgetting to control his head when I move his feet if they need to be adjusted! Grrrr...

I'll have to get some updated shots of him! 3 wks until showtime at the thanksgiving cluster! can't wait! Uno's siblings will be showing as well :)

I found out today from one of my teachers that I DO have the last 2 wks off in April which means...... I CAN GO TO NATIONALS!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!