Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rise and shine people! I kid.. kind of

I don't suppose the neighbors would find me too amusing if I had decided to blow out Uno's coat with our new blower at 5 this morning.  Instead I opted to take the boys rollerblading around a few blocks and then bathe the blue dog.  7am seems like a better choice to blow him out no? ;)  RISE AND SHINE PEOPLE!! 

We didn't do anything yesterday at the show.  Today I opted to have Sarah (his breeder) show him for me so I can see if he is better in the ring with somebody else.  And I'd also like to see from an outsiders point of view of how he looks in the ring in comparison to other Cardis.  I certainly will be able to learn from this situation.  And I almost feel as maybe with me he's too mushy and isn't as sharp as he should be when with someone else.  So today, Sarah's showing him.  And next weekend Chuck's mom is going to show him all weekend at W Spfld!  4 pt major from what I hear for next weekend!! YAH!!   Let's go blue dog let's go!!   I am okay with the thought of having someone else show him..  I just don't want to be the one keeping him from earning his points.  So figure may as well see how he does and go from there .  Can't hurt to try out my options!!

In other news.. in laws to be approve of 3rd Cardi addition.  We are opting for a puppy.. just waiting for the right one to come around.  Right now this moment is not a good time to bring in a dog because of my respiratory issue.  I cannot express how frustrating it was for me to be so winded, short of breath and WHEEZING after rollerblading around the block with the boys this AM.  Better than 2 wks ago.. so we are improving slowly.  The problem is I am usually able to run miles on end with out being winded!!!!  People that know me well are really disturbed to hear that I have no lung capacity at the moment.  It is disturbing.  And worst of all, severely frustrating.  Yesterday was the most I've done (activity wise) in 2 weeks.  I was so drained by the time we got home from the show I developed a heinous headache and was useless the rest of the day.  You'd think the way I am right now that I was severely deconditioned and had some kind of chronic smoking problem.. Yep no.  Clear lungs from x rays, and fabulous heart supposedly according to the cardiogram.  Docs have not a clue as to what's wrong...  Anyways, I'm improving so.. had to resign from my position working at the jewelery store due to what I believe is the main cause of this respiratory issue.  So we'll see.. job hunting again.  I hope the previous interviews I went on will pay off and someone will call me back.  Certainly there are quite a few good options that I interviewed with.. so I'm willing to take whatever!  This tues I have an interview at the vet office near by.. so maybe that could work as well!  SIGH.

On the bright side, CHUCK GOT THE JOB at westover airbase!! As one of their main electricians!! HOORAH!!! ;) 

Okay time to groom and make food and then off I go to Fitchburg!  Wish us luck!!!  I will be playing paparazzi and video'ing today :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Finicky Eater that is named Uno.

Am I the ONLY person in the world who has a Cardi who is a finicky eater?  WHO DOESN'T finish satin balls or chicken thigh?  Other Corgs would die to eat the amount of food you get blue dog.. UGH

Though I love you to death Blue dog... BUT, YOU DRIVE ME INSANE SOME TIMES!!!

That was a pic Chuck got of him yesterday... He was kind of blah yesterday compared to usual.  We worked on trotting up and down the street with distractions etc. 

Waiting for all our grooming supplies to come in!  Should be in today.  Blower is en route.

Anybody doing the Chesapeake Specialty show in October?  I'd really like to go!  It's in MD!

Dremmeling was interesting to say the least.  At least the nails got done!  Took both of us to do it but it's done.  It wasn't so much Uno screaming or anything.. he really didn't make blood curdling noises.. it was just that he is such a worm and he was freaking out.  It's okay, just need to work on it and I suspect he will eventually become desensitized.. or one could at least hope so ha!

In other news.. hopefully the docs will figure out what the heck is wrong with me today!!  I have not been able to run, work out, or do ANYTHING since Wednesday.  Stall/crate rest, har har har. Not so funny.  I feel 100% minus the horrid chest pains, inability to breathe properly due to my lungs feeling as if they were filled with water, light headed/dizziness, and so on.   The tests showed I was 100% healthy.. yet I feel this terrible.  I suspect black mold... due to a similar reaction from before when dealing with it.  Black mold in one of the places I work at that is.  NOT at home.

Well until then.. we shall see!  Stay tuned!

Friday, August 13, 2010

yee haw

we are getting bamboo wood floors for the living room and dining room as well as an area rug! in addition to that we are also getting new floor for the kitchen!

and... path to us becoming a tri corg family may just become a reality after all! :) excite excite!

can't wait for fitchburg next weekend and then west Springfield!

desire my respiratory issues.. things are going well! we will get more info on what's wrong with me on Monday follow up appointment. but for now the doc says my hearts in great shape as are my lungs. what gives!? Rawr
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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Uno's new show lead!

ring bling for Uno!
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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Word on the street

is that Mrs. K ( mother in law to be ) is super excited to show Uno at West Springfield this month for me! 

Chuck brought Uno and Cooper (along for the ride) for Uno's follow up lyme booster and also had him weighed.  He came in at 37lbs yesterday!!  3 lbs up since his last visit 2 wks ago.  I think he is almost where he needs to be.  Still has a very obvious waist line etc.  He does seem to be getting sick of satin balls.. hmm maybe I'll change it to chicken after this batch runs out?

Anyways.  The vet mentioned to Chuck about how excited Chuck's mom is to be showing again.  She is already shopping for clothes to show in ;)  hehe.  I am so excited for her to be back in the ring again.  She hasn't shown for a few years now after she retired her Basenjis but it will be great to get her back in there again.  We know how much she loves it!  Yahhh!  Who's going to be showing at W Springfield at the end of this month?  I'll be showing him on Saturday and she's doing Sunday.. was hoping maybe somebody would be around to help Chuck and Barb out etc just in case of any questions etc. 

In other news.. I am really really really jonesing for a black.. or blue female pup!  AHhhhhhhhhhhh Fingers crossed for January for the new addition ;)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Did I just hear this?

THIS MORNING I heard some amazing words.  "Uno, Mommy is going to get another Corgi.  How do you feel about that?" - Chuck

Good news.  We have progress!  Perhaps a 3rd one will be coming to us for early 2011 after all !?

In other news... does anyone have the problem of getting their dog to finish all their food?  He gets 1 cup orijen AM and PM.  and 1 4oz satin ball AM and PM.  I'm thinking of breaking up the foods through out the day in hopes that he can maybe eat everything?? 

Chuck is bringing him to the vet this AM for his follow up booster for Lyme.. and is going to weigh him.  I guess we'll see how much progress we've made since the last weigh in 2 weeks ago.

In other news.. MACUNGIA, PA SHOW!!  Everyone should come :)  it will be a blast!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Matchmade? dog show family

Handling class went well tonight!  Our trainer said Uno is definitely looking much better already in just a week and I mentioned that he is now eating satin balls in addition to his food.  She said maybe 1/2 -1lb more and he should be where he needs to be!  Woo hoo!! 

Chuck helped with class today and acted as a judge and went over all the dogs (except Uno.) and helped with a lot of dogs who are not used to men.  Everyone went over everybody elses dogs to help build confidence.. it definitely helped.  Then we switched handlers and Uno was not happy to be separated from me haha but he put on a show and paraded happily and proudly.. as usual.  It did give me a chance to see him move and he is moving a lot better now in comparison to last year! 

We keep getting loads of complements on how great of shape he is in and how he is so muscular (especially his hind end!).  In addition to that, they love his personality- so happy, full of it, and friendly.  

Very excited for Fitchburg!  Paid for the entrees today.. for Sat & Sun.  Will be entering Uno at West Springfield for the end of this month at all.. however I will only be showing him Fri and Sat.. and then Chuck's mom is going to show him for me on Sunday :)

I don't know if I have mentioned it before but..  Chuck grew up ringside at dog shows b/c his mom bred and showed Basenjis.  Her male that she bred and campaigned ended up being Top 3 in the breed in the country!  In addition to the breed ring she did obedience as well as a bit of lure coursing with them.  Pretty neat!  So it is quite nice to have a dog show savvy fiance.. and dog show savvy mother in law :)  I thought I'd ask her if she'd like to show Uno for me that Sunday at the W Spfld show this month and she is quite excited about it!  Yay :)

For next month.. MACUNGIE, PA show!!  Weekend of Sept 18/19th!  Who's going!?  I got convinced into doing it by Kathy (not that it took much convincing)... and she's trying to build a major!  Let's get a group of us to go!!  Cardi party :)  Entries aren't closed until Sept 1st so we still have a month to plan etc!

That's about it!  Blue dog is doing well.. still full of himself.  Can't wait to go visit at Keene this Sunday too!

The look of ...

Somebody wishes they were eating satin balls along with his breakfast today....  Poor Cooper LOL