Monday, August 16, 2010

Finicky Eater that is named Uno.

Am I the ONLY person in the world who has a Cardi who is a finicky eater?  WHO DOESN'T finish satin balls or chicken thigh?  Other Corgs would die to eat the amount of food you get blue dog.. UGH

Though I love you to death Blue dog... BUT, YOU DRIVE ME INSANE SOME TIMES!!!

That was a pic Chuck got of him yesterday... He was kind of blah yesterday compared to usual.  We worked on trotting up and down the street with distractions etc. 

Waiting for all our grooming supplies to come in!  Should be in today.  Blower is en route.

Anybody doing the Chesapeake Specialty show in October?  I'd really like to go!  It's in MD!

Dremmeling was interesting to say the least.  At least the nails got done!  Took both of us to do it but it's done.  It wasn't so much Uno screaming or anything.. he really didn't make blood curdling noises.. it was just that he is such a worm and he was freaking out.  It's okay, just need to work on it and I suspect he will eventually become desensitized.. or one could at least hope so ha!

In other news.. hopefully the docs will figure out what the heck is wrong with me today!!  I have not been able to run, work out, or do ANYTHING since Wednesday.  Stall/crate rest, har har har. Not so funny.  I feel 100% minus the horrid chest pains, inability to breathe properly due to my lungs feeling as if they were filled with water, light headed/dizziness, and so on.   The tests showed I was 100% healthy.. yet I feel this terrible.  I suspect black mold... due to a similar reaction from before when dealing with it.  Black mold in one of the places I work at that is.  NOT at home.

Well until then.. we shall see!  Stay tuned!


  1. Yikes! I hope you feel better soon. He def. looks like he has put on some weight. What does your handling instructor think?

  2. Doctors truly frustrate me.

    Anywho... He put on probably 4lbs since he started with satin balls. Our handling instructor said he's almost where he needs to be. We have class tomorrow night so we shall see. I think he looks a lot better now?

    And yep, he refuses to touch raw chicken. So I think back to ground beef we go. WHY MUST HE BE SUCH A PAIN!? haha