Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rise and shine people! I kid.. kind of

I don't suppose the neighbors would find me too amusing if I had decided to blow out Uno's coat with our new blower at 5 this morning.  Instead I opted to take the boys rollerblading around a few blocks and then bathe the blue dog.  7am seems like a better choice to blow him out no? ;)  RISE AND SHINE PEOPLE!! 

We didn't do anything yesterday at the show.  Today I opted to have Sarah (his breeder) show him for me so I can see if he is better in the ring with somebody else.  And I'd also like to see from an outsiders point of view of how he looks in the ring in comparison to other Cardis.  I certainly will be able to learn from this situation.  And I almost feel as maybe with me he's too mushy and isn't as sharp as he should be when with someone else.  So today, Sarah's showing him.  And next weekend Chuck's mom is going to show him all weekend at W Spfld!  4 pt major from what I hear for next weekend!! YAH!!   Let's go blue dog let's go!!   I am okay with the thought of having someone else show him..  I just don't want to be the one keeping him from earning his points.  So figure may as well see how he does and go from there .  Can't hurt to try out my options!!

In other news.. in laws to be approve of 3rd Cardi addition.  We are opting for a puppy.. just waiting for the right one to come around.  Right now this moment is not a good time to bring in a dog because of my respiratory issue.  I cannot express how frustrating it was for me to be so winded, short of breath and WHEEZING after rollerblading around the block with the boys this AM.  Better than 2 wks ago.. so we are improving slowly.  The problem is I am usually able to run miles on end with out being winded!!!!  People that know me well are really disturbed to hear that I have no lung capacity at the moment.  It is disturbing.  And worst of all, severely frustrating.  Yesterday was the most I've done (activity wise) in 2 weeks.  I was so drained by the time we got home from the show I developed a heinous headache and was useless the rest of the day.  You'd think the way I am right now that I was severely deconditioned and had some kind of chronic smoking problem.. Yep no.  Clear lungs from x rays, and fabulous heart supposedly according to the cardiogram.  Docs have not a clue as to what's wrong...  Anyways, I'm improving so.. had to resign from my position working at the jewelery store due to what I believe is the main cause of this respiratory issue.  So we'll see.. job hunting again.  I hope the previous interviews I went on will pay off and someone will call me back.  Certainly there are quite a few good options that I interviewed with.. so I'm willing to take whatever!  This tues I have an interview at the vet office near by.. so maybe that could work as well!  SIGH.

On the bright side, CHUCK GOT THE JOB at westover airbase!! As one of their main electricians!! HOORAH!!! ;) 

Okay time to groom and make food and then off I go to Fitchburg!  Wish us luck!!!  I will be playing paparazzi and video'ing today :)


  1. Good luck, good luck, good luck!!

  2. ditto what Julie said...

    wishing you all the best of luck!