Sunday, September 5, 2010

Update! Ahh I'm slacking I know

I know, I have been slacking.

So for updates.  Uno went Reserve to the Major last Saturday at West Springfield.  I was really happy with him!  He was such a good boy and showed really well for me.  Looking forward to Macungie for sure!!

Today we took a trip to Quechee Gorge in White River Junction, VT !  Boys had a great time and it was just a perfect day for the trip!

Today also marks Chuck and I's 2 yr anniversary!  Woo hoo!  Can't believe we are getting married next October.. ahhh.. excitement and being overwhelmed all smooshed together for feelings about that haha.

Oh.. and because Fall is right around the corner.. that means PEAR season is starting.  The boys have started collecting their pears and feasting.  At least that will be one way for Uno to stay within the weight that I'd like him to be in! hahaha  Anybody else have Cardis addicted to pears?  You should see them.  They knock the pears off the tree by jumping up and shaking branches etc.  Pretty smart!

So with this update I bring you pictures as well.  Here are some shots from today and a pic from last weekends show!!

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