Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Attention Uno

Barking at the pear tree and glaring at it while doing so will not help your situation.  Barking at it will not cause the pear tree to share it's fruit with you.

Much love,
Mom & Dad

Yes.. it's pear season.  Chuck has this big pear tree in the yard and originally it was there for his deers etc for the Upstate NY property.  Well, he thought wrong because last year we learned that Cardigans apparently love pears.

Cooper is the smart one as he knows that if there are none on the ground then he can just jump and shake the branches that are low enough to get some pears.  However, Blue wonder over here is convinced that by barking at it, it will rain pears.  He has this logic simply b/c one day when he was barking at the tree demanding it's fruits be rained on himself, Cooper got sick and tired of his yapping.  Coop jumped up, shook the low branches and of course it rained pears.  The pears however bonked Blue wonder in the head which left him a bit more disgruntled.  Now you can see why he thinks barking at pear tree = pear mania.

Good thing about pear season?? HELPS ME KEEP WEIGHT ON BLUE WONDER!!!  He has been eating well lately!  We're doing a partial raw diet.  1 cup Fish Orijen in the AM with his supplements,  4oz Satin ball in the afternoon for training and then dinner is his natures variety Venison medallions!  Supplemented with Pears from the yard too!

In other news, started the new job this week!  So far so good.  Certainly have to adjust to the whole office environment thing, but no big deal.  Happy for the consistent weekly paycheck and job stability :)

Next weekend will be the Macungie show!  Can't wait!!  Dawn and I will be driving down probably around 4:30pm and hopefully get to the hotel and meet up with Kate by 9pm!  Woot woot!!  Cardi mania here we come ;)

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  1. Congrats on the new job and that Uno is eating well!