Saturday, July 31, 2010

Question for Multiple dog (of both genders) house holds?

Hi Everyone

I have been thinking about acquiring a third Cardi in the future.  A main concern that Chuck has is if we were to get a female, would the boys fight more now that a female would be in the house.. especially when she goes into season?

Cooper is neutered, Uno is not.  They rarely fight and if they do it's a small spat over a bone or toy.  I guess that my concern is would it be a bad idea to introduce a female to our pack (in the future) or would it not really be a problem? 

For all you multiple dog households out there that have 2 males and 1 female or 2 males 2 females etc (you get the idea).. how are they around one another?

Cooper is 3, Uno is 2 now.  They are very well behaved and great around other dogs.  Around other females they are fine too.. but I guess I'm concerned on whether or not their behaviors may change if we were to bring a female home?  Or should I just stick to having males?

Thoughts and Input would be much appreciated!  Thanks Guys!!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Free stack pics from today! 1 wk after being on Satin balls

These pictures are from this afternoon!  Chuck helped me with these shots.  This is after being on satin balls for 1 wk!  What do we think?  i absolutely love the last picture!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Somebody is happy to be on the table

He is always so happy to jump on the table!  Can't wait for me to give him a boost on there!

This afternoon we worked on free stacking and learning "step up" -- which he caught on real quick too!  So smart this boy is!  Then we had a few goes on the table.  He is always so excited when we go near the table.. starts wiggling and wagging that tail like a mad man :)  So I guess that's a good thing huh?  We're certainly getting more and more confident on there so I am so pleased with that!  Hopefully come Fitchburg he will be more solid on there!  In addition to all this we did some gaiting by trotting up and down our street with kids playing, cars driving by, and many other distractions!  All of which did not phase him at all!  Yay Uno!  So proud of him and really cannot wait to show him!!

I guess the dog show world is quite different in comparison to the horse world.  When I was showing at the national level with Profit, we showed conservatively.  We did 4 shows tops each year.  1 qualifier for regionals if he needed to qualify.. but mostly just to get him in the ring once before regionals.. then we'd do a Large A rated like Buckeye and then Regionals followed by nationals.  Or we'd do 2 regionals and then nationals.  I was told by many that for dogs it's the complete opposite!  To go out there and get exposed etc.  So this is something will have to get used to, but that's fine with me!  Makes sense I guess - the more you're seen, the better?  As long as we deserve to be in there.. and aren't beating a dead horse (no pun intended). 

The satin balls seem to give Uno supercharged energy post meal... or so he thinks.  He turns into a rocket and blasts around like a maniac after.  Poor Cooper longingly stares at Uno eating his gigangic meals...  Cooper is the kind of dog that looks at food and probably gains weight!  Maybe this has to do with him being neutered now?  Or is that just a myth?  Both boys are super active.. but Uno seems to be hard to put weight on... perhaps I should go do a weigh in this week to see if much has changed.. b/c certainly to me I don't see much of a difference.

Mission Convince Chuck to let me get a pup sooner rather than later is in progress -- his wedding gift to me ;D  I would love love love to have a third Cardi for early 2011?  Hmmmm.. we'll see :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Look at my new bling for the E!

Look what came in the mail last night ;)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Uno @ 2 yrs old

Thoughts and suggestions anybody? Critique away! I love constructive criticism.. I know my table skills need to be better with presenting him.. but I'm getting there bit by bit I think!

We're back! After a long hiatus

Hi everyone! Sorry I've been absent for so long. I know I've been neglecting this blog but I figured it's time to start up again.

Been very busy lately with working 2 jobs. Personal Training and also now a sales associate for a very awesome jewelry company in Auburn, Ma ;)

The boys have been great. We've brought them to the summer home in Ithaca/Lansing once this summer already and they were so happy to be back there. I swear it's like a dogs dream there! Lake front house on Cayuga Lake in NY! 50 acres to roam!

Uno has been doing very well.. We are starting back at handling class tonight in Agawam with Cathy.. and then starting obedience class next week! I will upload pictures of him stacked on the table in a separate post.

We're looking to do Fitchburg as well as West Springfield next month! Hope to see everyone there!!!

Exciting news.... I AM ENGAGED!!!! On Cinco De Mayo this year ;) and we will be getting married October 2nd of 2011 in Sturbridge, MA at the Publick House!!! Very exciting!!!!! I have managed to convince Chuck to let me get a 3rd Cardi as my wedding gift ;) I hope he means a literal dog.. and not a cake shaped like a Cardi. Hmmmmmm Yes I will post pictures of the bling ;)

AND!! This past weekend I bought the Corgi-mobile aka an ELEMENT!! It's a 2010 Element EX! Bright orange and I am in love! Ordered my magnet to represent our breed yesterday! Same thing as Holly's! (thank you for helping me with ordering it!!). Cannot wait!

Okay so excuse this post for being overloaded with pictures! Enjoy ;)


Not the greatest picture.. Apologies. Will have to get better ones. But that was from the day of engagement. And excuse my heinous nail polish job.

The boys at Cayuga :)